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1 Timothy 1:12
And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;

First of all, Minister Brandy L. Brown is the proud wife of Kenneth J Brown. She is the mother of two and the grandmother of one grandson. " I am a submitted wife and I am proud to say that". 


Second of all, this is a ministry founded on LOVE! Love of ALL of God's people.  We minister in one key "The Key of Love"!  We minister to the whole person body, soul, and spirit through the Word of God, Spiritual Counseling, and Benevolence help to families in need.

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Minister Brandy Brown was ordained into the Gospel ministry in 1998 and again in 2015 by her former pastor Raymond D. Horry of The Ark of Safety Christian Church.  She has ministered on KSTL 690,  KXEN 1010, and the TCT Network.  She is singer, songwriter, playwright,  author, women's conference speaker, preacher, counselor  (Individual, Marriage, and Family Spiritual counselor), and co-founder with her hubby at The Family Unity Network Foundation (click here)!  An admitted former backslider and one who has had a tumultuous relationship with Christ and the Church, Minister Brandy uses her past and her spiritual gifts of discernment, word of knowledge, preaching, and  teaching the Word of God, to minister to those who have experienced similar.  She calls herself the female version of Saul/Paul).  She is extremely honest and frank-just what you would expect from a  Chicago girl.  God has given her the gift to counsel and ministry of song in the Gospel industry, as well as, the gift to minister to couples in song in a secular/spiritual love space -called out to cry aloud for married couples to stay connected.  God called her in 1995 to marriage ministry where she ministered to couples in conferences, in 2022 she is gearing up again to speak to married couples in concert and conference forums.  With her newest music project "The UPs and DOWNs of Love" and her upcoming interactive book "The Real Power Couple", God is calling marriages back to the Garden where their Dominion, Fruitfulness, and ability to Subdue and Replenish their territory is yet available and waiting for them. Stay tuned for upcoming ministry events from the ministry.  Minister Brandy L Brown is managed and produced by her super producing husband Kenneth "Keo" Brown for Smooth Glass Entertainment (Click Here for more info)


God has sent a Paul to the Timothy that is Minister Brandy L Brown to oversee Brandy Brown Ministries -Meet the amazing Pastor Steve and Lady Rita Smith of Gadsden, AL. (Click here for the ministry Facebook page)

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